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Superfoods on Main (cafe side)


Find your ultimate health with these green drinks:



  • Green Power
  • Sweet Green
  • Cleansing Green



  • Green Smoothie
  • Chocolate Green Delight
  • Weight Loss Smoothie
  • Ultimate Health Smoothie


Monthly Special:

  • Tropical Smoothie


Now offering Hot Drinks:


Using Organic espresso and milk.   Organic Milk, Organic Skim or Organic almond milk.  Try with our Fresh Made Organic Raw Almond Milk for a special treat!


Espresso Drinks:


Café Latte




Signature Drinks:

Peppermint Latte

Hazelnut Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Peppermint Mocha Latte

Caramel Latte

Vanilla Latte


Chai Latte

Cinnamon Steamy

Yerba Mate Steamy

Medincinal Steamies - Pau d'Arco, Ginger, Ginseng


Hot Chocolate Elixirs - a great tasting hot chocolate with boosters:

Immunity Boost



Peppermint and Ginger options.


Hot chocolate

Peppermint Hot Chocolate



Juice Bar Open:  Fresh and ORGANIC!!!


Green Power (cucumber, kale, spinach)


Apple Delight (apple, carrot, ginger)


Cleansing Green (cucumber, celery, lemon, kale & spinach)


Green Sweetness (cucumber, apple, kale & spinach)


Custom juices available



SuperFoods on Main Introducing Tonic Bar

What’s the easiest way to incorporate tonic herbs into a daily routine? Herbs come in many formats: capsules, loose powder, and tinctures are common forms. But the latest, greatest way to take tonic herbs is through a growing trend which originated in Los Angeles, California. Making tonic elixirs is a fun and delicious way to enjoy the herbs.

Tonic Bars, which are like next-level juice and smoothie bars, are popping up all over the place and Jing Herbs is the premier supplier of top quality herbs. 

Tonic Bars and tonic elixirs help support health and longevity in a fun, social, and delicious way. Even if you are just an individual looking to take your daily routine to the next level, learning how to make a healthful drink using tonic herbs is a great idea.

Where we used to make a smoothie out of water, fruit and greens, now that technology is advancing to an entirely new level. Adding adaptogenic superior herbs to a smoothie or elixir makes a beverage that is fit for a king. A tonic elixir not only adds nutrition, more importantly it takes your body’s energy and balances it, increasing feelings of well-being, building immunity and often expanding “normal” states of consciousness.

Natural Food Store in Mount Airy


Now Mount Airy has its own health food store!  Supplements, organic food, superfoods, gluten-free foods, small kitchen appliances, tools, and more.  

Some of our featured products are: goji berries, cacao, chia seeds, hemp seeds, kale chips, nut butters, olives, coconut oil and agave nectar.


Now offering organic produce.


The organic vegetarian café offers smoothies, fresh brewed ice tea, fresh squeezed lemonade, ice coffees, teas, coffee, hot chocolate, salads, veggie wraps, bagels, veggie sandwiches, specialty salads, gluten-free vegan pies, gluten-free baked goods and more to come.  See menu for more info.


Come in and check us out! Have fun!


For bulk or special orders, please call first to make sure we have it in stock when you arrive, 301-829-9464.  If you see items on the Natural Zing website that you hope to buy in person, give us a call so we can make sure we have it in stock when you arrive especially if you are traveling from Washington DC, Baltimore, Rockville, Frederick, Pennsylvania, or Virginia.


Catering inquiries contact Helen at 301-829-9464.

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