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Dr. Roa:  Digestive Health!
Lunch and Learn
Wednesday, October 15th, 1pm - 2pm
more info to come.
Register: Call 301-829-9464, register before class date and receive coupon for  $10 off food or products purchased at Superfoods on Main.

Price: $20 ($10 off food/product coupon register before day of class).

Holistic Health and Wellness Community Networking Party
Monday, October 20th., 11am - 1pm
More information below.


Boost Your Immunity!
Nick Hertges, Certified Health Coach, Specialty Chinese Herbs


November 1st,  Saturday at 2pm - 3pm
Ward off viruses, cold, and infections.   Recover much more quickly.  Learn the Secrets of Making Delicious, Immune and Energy-Boosting Tonic Elixirs!
What’s the easiest way to incorporate tonic herbs into a daily routine? Tonic Elixirs! This is the first class we will be holding on the Three Treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Jing, Qi  and Shen, or Essence/Vitality, Energy and Spirit.

Learn which herbs...
  • boost the immune system;
  • help promote calmness and melt stress away;
  • give you immediate, steady, long-lasting energy;
  • which herbs build a deep foundation of vitality, and
  • which herbs you can use to maintain vibrant health.

Guaranteed to be our most interesting class yet, you won't want to miss it!
Cost: $20 + discount coupon on all herbs mentioned for tonics/elixirs.
Register before noon on Saturday and get 30%.

MUSIC:   1st Friday of the Month
November 7th, Friday 5pm - 7pm

Superfoods on Main and The Mount Airy Arts Alliance is featuring:  Composer Mark Runkles, oboe and sax performer plays a mix of standard and contemporary jazz.

Enjoy a cool refreshing smoothie while enjoying local musicians every 3rd Thursday of the month. 
FREE performance .... tips are always appreciated.


Open Mic Night ... more info coming.

Holiday on Main Street Preview
Friday, November 14th and Saturday, November 15th.  SPECIALS, SAMPLES,   and your "Train to Relaxation".

Visit Superfoods on Main Friday night, November 14th and receive a 10 minute relaxation session with a holistic practitioner of your choice.  Have more than 10 minutes, continue to another session with a different practitioner.  Learn and try different relaxation techniques to get you through the hectic holiday season.l  Still accepting participating practiconers. Call Helen 301-829-9464.


Watch Facebook, newsletter and flyers in Superfoods on Main for discounts and specials during the Holiday Preview days.

3rd Thursday of the Month Music Series:
Thursday, 6pm - 7:30pm playing at Superfoods on Main


Sports Nutrition
November (sign up for newsletter)
Dr. David E Koronet

As a certified chiropractic sports practitioner by the ACA Council of Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness and a certified clinical nutritionist since 2000, Dr. Koronet will be our speaker on this topic.  Dr. Koronet will discuss What to eat, when to eat it and what and when to supplement if you're an athlete. If you are training hard care, or if you are a weekend warrior, this will let you know how to fuel your body better.


Register: Call 301-829-9464, register before class date and receive coupon for  $10 off food or products purchased at Superfoods on Main.

Price: $20
Request of Class topic or recommend days of the week and times by emailing:



Holistic Health and Wellness Community Networking Party
Monday, October 20th.

Come share your gifts!   You are not alone and you do not need to work in isolation....there is a lot of us here.  Let's join together.
Calling holistic health and wellness practitioners, healers, vegan chefs, natural business entrepreneurs, and kindred spirits.  If you have a business or striving to have a business empowering other through natural health and wellness practices then we call you to join us for the amazing empowerment party. 

* To connect with other like minded spirits in the community.
* Create a networking group of holistic health and wellness professionals to share ideas, clients, talents, gifts, etc.
* Find ways to collaborate ... join our harmonizing energies together to educate the wider consumer community of the value of holistic health and wellness.
* Determine ways to educate the community and promote each other, ourselves, and create a wide appreciation for our gifts.
* Business support ideas....empowerment.

Interested or know someone interested, sign up here:

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