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Summer Classes and Camps


Body Sulpting Fitness Class


Every Thursday 9am to 9:45am at Superfoods on Main

The owner of Peak Fitness, Mary, will be doing a 45 minute Body Sculpting class. 9am to 9:45am Includes a 12 oz smoothie at the end of class. Both Darlene and I have taken Mary's classes in the past and miss taking them. We plan on making this a weekly Thursday morning class ONLY $10. This is a deal Mary's class plus a smoothie. This is worth $25, but we are keeping it low to get this off the ground. See you then!
Bring a yoga mat and payment at time of event!!!



Tea Party Mini Camp

June: 29th , 30th, & July 1st (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
5 to 8 yrs 3 Day Camp W-F 1pm to 4pm

$50 + ($75 materials/activity fee)


This fun and educational camp includes chocolate making, tea biscuit making, healthy cookie making, making creative fruit displays, decoration making, kids yoga have fun while learning healthy tips and our big finally of a tea party on the last day.

Dress for comfort on Wed. & Thurs. (yoga class included on both days).

Dress up for tea party on Friday. Alice and Wonderland themed.

Call:  301-829-9464  or
to register online:



Happy Healthy Preteens

3 Day Mini Camp
July: 27th , 28st, & 29th (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
9 to 13 yrs 3 Day Camp
W-F 9am to 12pm

Learn the importance of fitness and eating healthy. Gain great culinary skills. Being healthy can be fun and easy. Let us teach you how.

Class includes: Hiking, yoga, smoothie making, juicing, fun fruit salads (making designs with fruit), making fun and delicious specialty salads. Nutrition education made fun. Watch movie on preteen and teen healthy eating. Games, smoothie making competition and more fun activities.

$50 + ($75 materials/activity fee)






Happy Healthy Family 1 Day Camp

August 10th, 9am to 12pm

Tired of the kids home from school? Need to get them out and have some fun? Join us for this one day camp! Meet at Superfoods on Main get a free 16 oz smoothie as part of your class then take the rails to trails path from Downtown to Watkins Park. Class includes: Family group hiking, yoga, smoothie making and juice making.


Cost: $20 + $5 per child (includes a smoothie with purchase)






Past Events


Getting Past Self Sabotage: Why We Shoot Ourselves in the Foot:
Instructor: Montgomery Young, a stress reduction coach and a Certified Biofeedback Specialist.
Saturday, March 7th 2pm to 3pm

When a good thing comes into your life, does someone or something often sabotage it?  Could that someone be you?
If we are honest, many times our own decisions and our own inaction sabotage the good things in our lives.  We each have limits beyond which we will not allow ourselves to experience success, happiness, love, or any other wonderful perk of this life. Whenever we stray beyond our set limits, we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot.

In this workshop,

  • Learn what these limits are
  • Discover why we create these limits for ourselves
  • Go beyond the limits to get more out of life

$20 class + 10% off your purchases (food and products). Register: 301-829-9464.



The Benefits of Juicing and Blended Drinks
Instructor: Helen Rose
Summer TBD
, 2pm to 3pm

Both are great for you.  See why and when to choose one over the other.  Discover what will work for you. 
Get great recipes to try at home.
Discover the difference between the different blenders and juicers.

$20 class + 10% off your purchases of products mentioned.
Register: 301-829-9464.



Stress Management

Instructor: Dr. Jyothi Rao, M.D. from the Shakthi Health and Wellness Center 
Lunch & Learn:  Friday, TBD

Stress is a nonspecific term to describe a response to any stimulus known as a stressor. It is a single symptom which can be at the cause and effect of much chronic illness. Persistent levels of high stress can lead people to have symptoms such as cognitive changes, sleep disturbance, mood disorders to name a few. It can lead to physiologic illness such as irritable bowel, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and cardiovascular changes.  It can be in an innate or environmental which can impact an individual’s mental and physical well-being.  In this class Dr. Jyothi Rao will be focusing on How to Relieve Stress.

Dr. Rao is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, Medical Acupuncturist, and Fellow in American Academy of Anti-Aging, Functional Medicine. She is in the process of obtaining her Masters in Metabolic Nutrition at the University of South Florida while she works at Shakthi Health and Wellness Center in Mt. Airy, MD.

Register: 301-829-9464.
Cost: $20 Receive $10 towards product or lunch







Raw Food Class Hands-On And Class Demonstration


1:00 pm.-3:00 pm.

Instructors: Darlene Union, Raw Food Chef, Co-owner of Superfoods on Main & Helen Rose, Raw Food Chef and co-owner of Superfoods on Main.


Ready for another Raw Food Class? We will be using the dehydrator making amazing and delicious entrées! Recipes will include Raw Pizza (you will be amazed!), we will learn how to make delicious crackers, and how about banana crepes! These crepes are perfect for either a Sunday brunch or a healthy snack. They are so easy to make and put together that you can even serve them on your most hectic days, like getting the kids off to school! Come out and learn how to make these delicious recipes and join us for a late lunch. We will enjoy eating everything we make together and you will be given copies of all recipes.


Space is limited so please register early.


Date/Time: TBD  1pm.-3:00 pm.

Cost: $45, includes class, handouts and recipes, and lunch.












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